About Havsfrun Investmen

Company Description

Havsfrun works primarily on searching for new and larger business opportunities that can help the company expand and increase profitability. The ambition is to make some kind of alliance with a strategic partner that is interesting from a business point of view and that can be appreciated by the shareholders.

In light of the company's expansion plans, the company is looking to acquire in kind a larger unlisted company that wants to operate from a listed environment. Potential target companies include primarily Nordic companies with a shareholder value in excess of SEK 500 million. The company searches are conducted broadly across several different sectors and industries.

There is an interest from unlisted companies to go public for, among other things, favourable valuations, but also for access to cheaper capital markets and liquid shares for existing shareholders, as well as to obtain a liquid inflow of cash for possible expansion through acquisitions.

Year founded



Nybrogatan 6, 10240 Stockholm – Sweden

Shareholder information

Shares outstanding



Jan. 1, 2000

Stock exchange(s)

Nasdaq Stockholm



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